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A place to share and discuss spoilers without accidently spoiling your friends list
Have you ever cut a spoiler on your private journal or linked somewhere and THOUGHT you'd done everything right - but then the coding ended up screwed, or you worded something wrong in the text, or you just plain forgot!

And now instead of wondrous squeeing over a future event, you're deleting posts and there are vague "OMG! I was just spoiled!" posts appearing on your flist.

I got tired of being scared to post in my own journal and tired of having to think of encrypted cut text. So I created this com to post. If a spoiler phobe clicks on something called "Spoiler Whore Central" then I can't be held responsible.

2) POSTING Guidelines:
- - Subject should contain the Show title
- - Cuts are not for content. If you want to squee that a show just signed an actor in a paragraph or three, feel free
- - Cuts are for:
- - - length - don't make us have to scroll a full screen to get past
- - - autoplay video - if it's you tube, fine, but other wise don't make me hunt down where the noise is coming from.
- - - graphics greater than 300p high or 500p wide. This just breaks people's layouts and kills those trying to catch up on public servers
3) Wank policy. I'm inviting fangirls to talk about spoilers. So I'm going to need a wank policy eventually. Right now we're going to try the "Shun the Non-Believer" approach.
If you do not like what another poster is saying about a spoiler. Ignore the post or post one of your own. In your posts and comments avoid phrases such as "unlike other/most people" - instead just post the spoiler and your opinions on it.

BE WARNED. If there is wank, I will be the FIRST person handing over the screencaps to Journalfen's Fandom Wank.

That's it. Your mod generally operates on the US EST timezone hours. Try not to kill yourselves while I'm at work.