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 OK.  So I have a ton of catching up to do - but are you kidding me?

Not only are we getting a Good Omens ep next week, and a demon named "Crowley" - He's going to be played by MARK SHEPPARD?!


(You know him.  He's in everything.  But most recently on the fangirl radar as the lawyer that helps Bamber defend Baltar and as Sterling on Leverage.  He is a Magnificent Bastard.)

Giggling Jensen
I'm worried I'm so psyched for this coming ep that I'll run out of squee. So to make sure I don't - SQUEEING NOW.

Not cut for spoilers!!! That's why I have this com!

505 - Fallen Idol (Formerly Celebrity Skin)

My favorite VanCon moment was when Jared talked about how professional Paris was and everyone was careful schooling their faces and saying things like "Yeah, I'd already been spoiled for that." and as they were all talking amongst themselves - Jared says - "I held up production more killing Gahndi"

And slowly the buzz stops and there's a moment of absolute WTF?! on all the spoilerphobe faces and then the buzz starts again! "Did he say..." "Why would Sam want to kill him? Does he go darkside?"


Cut for length... I apparently am in no danger of running out of squee after all.Collapse )


502 Episode Squee and Meta
Giggling Jensen
Did I like it?: Hell yeah.
Song of the moment: For What It's Worth, Buffalo Springfield

I feel so ashamed. *I* of all people did not catch the "Good God Yall" shout out to War until Wednesday night and ONLY BECAUSE THE SONG CAME ON.

Then I was supposed to chat while it was on but didn't because I had a pet emergency so I thought I wouldn't have as much to say about this episode as I did Sympathy for the Devil.

But I was wrong.Collapse )

SPN 501 Thoughts and looking ahead
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Was all worried about how to phrase this and then remembered this place. YAY SPOILER COM

From an MSN Chat - Proof I watch this show waaaaaay too much...

5/16/2009 6:54:18 PM Kat sophie_448, Kate, Sara, MetalliBitch Clex also - I told Clex - I'm stating NOW that I think "Sympathy for the Devil" will be the title for 501 or at the very least - one of the titles in the season

And I was RIGHT!!! *SQUEE*

Basic Info:
Did I like it? YES. OH DEAR GOD. YES.
Songs of the moment*: Pink Floyd's On the Turning Away; Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire
Cut for tl; dr lengthCollapse )

* I put together playlists (still working on s4) where I assign one song per episode. I don't use music from the titles or used in the show.
If you have ANY songs that remind you of the show, the boys, the themes, crack, whatever - SHARE THEM WITH ME.

Comic Con Squee
Giggling Jensen
As much as I'd love to go again, I kinda like not being there becuase I can see all the you tubes.

24: Yay! Jack isn't sick. But LOL stop saying "I don't work for the government anymore", Baby. No one believes you. They haven't for over 10 years your time.

Chuck: I never watched this show - which is odd considering the high Adam content. But the spoilers make me interested.

Bones: Mom adores this show and so does my flist. I can't stand the title character but the show grows me. But I love the creator "Don't Answer That". I don't know the fandom. I kinda liked the season finale. Apparently it was very, very BAD? But apparently there's a kiss scripted in the premiere.

Spartacus: I wouldn't know about this if it weren't for Comic Con and it looks like the same eye candy as Rome so I will probably watch it. I'm that shallow.

Psych:  I love how much FUN they have.  But I'm not sure about Shawn getting to fire guns again.  LOL

Castle: (not from Comic Con) - So Beckett DOES get mad that he looked at Mom's file.  It'll be interesting to see Castle deal with a magazine reporter and photographer - is it going to be a taste of his own medicine or does he just eat it up?  And of all the casting calls why is the hunky 20-something violinist the possible recurring one?  Seems to old for the daughter and too young for Kate. hmmm...

Giggling Jensen
I cannot wait for Wil Wheaton to show up.  TOO MUCH GEEK LOVE

Supernatural: What I Know and How
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Television Without Pity's Spoiler thread has a pinned post with all the known spoilers that one of the posters updates. It's the best source for information on Supernatural. Next up on the hit parade is SpoilerTV that is a spoiler whore's dream and has for all kinds of movies and shows. TWOP only beats it out because Pessimist categorizes the information. The rest of the stuff I pick up from Twitter or LJ.

Cut for length - the massive list from TWOPCollapse )

And what I make of all that is the other post.

I would add a couple of observations from twitter.  Jim Beaver flew out to Vancouver on the 5th.  And as near as anyone knows, filming for 501 began on Wednesday July 1.  So Bobby's in 501.  

Misha Collins is twittering on Friday the 10th.  If he's on set, he's in 502 and possibly the end of 501.  

Jim Beaver's back to LA on the 15th so I'm thinking he's in 501 and 502 but not 503 with Jess.

On the 17th Misha is twittering again to have us all synch our circaidian rhythms to Vancouver.  So he's definitely in 502 and so he's not dead for long.  (I get the impression twittering is how he stays awake on Friday evenings waiting to get the night shoot started and go home.)  

I'm not sure if he's in 503 with Jess.   I'm thinking Jess is a temptation from Lucifer for Sam - but that's pure spec based on Lucifer trying to be sympathetic.

SO - What've YOU heard?

Supernatural Casting
Giggling Jensen
I want whatever the writers are smoking/drinking/imbibing...  Casting Call for 505 is out --  


BOTH say they are "heavily featured costars" with "no lines".  


What the hell do they do?  Follow the boys around and stare in a disapproving manner?!  

I keep waiting for them to rip off Airplane:  Guess I picked the wrong day to give up demon blood!

Supernatural Season 5
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And now the reason why I did this... TO SQUEE!

Sympathy for the DevilCollapse )

Ellen and Rufus:
Other hunters! Remember them?Collapse )

Come kick the chuckleheads while they're down!Collapse )

mehCollapse )
Mirror, mirror, on the wallCollapse )

Soldier of the Lord, Thy GodCollapse )

What would I do without you? Crash and burn.Collapse )

Rafael and Archangels:
Can't we all just get along?Collapse )

Moving Alan and CLOWNFIRE.
The backstory for my unholy gleeCollapse )

Even if you end up not joining the com or posting - thanks for reading!

Obligatory Rules Post
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1) ALL SHOWS AND ALL SPOILERS WELCOME. This includes the non-US shows even if I'll never get to see them.  It also includes other media besides television - movies, books and if there's such a thing as music spoilers, they are welcome too.

2) POSTING Guidelines:
Subject should contain the Show title
Cuts are not for content. If you want to squee that a show just signed an actor in a paragraph or three, feel free 
Cuts are for: 
length - don't make us have to scroll a full screen to get past (this post is the exception.  Up to about half this length is fine outside a cut)
autoplay video - if it's you tube, fine, but other wise don't make me hunt down where the noise is coming from.
graphics greater than 300p high or 500p wide. This just breaks people's layouts and kills those trying to catch up on public servers
3) TAG FORMAT. Tags should contail the show title.  Please do not abbreviate.  LJ allows spacing in tags so Supernatural is not SPN and How I Met Your Mother is not HIMYM or HowIMetYourMother.  This is because I might not watch all your shows and don't want to figure out abbreviations.  I'm lazy and I'm the mod.

4) Wank policy. I'm inviting fangirls to talk about spoilers. So I'm going to need a wank policy eventually. But until we do, let's just  try the "Shun the Non-Believer" approach. 
If you do not like what another poster is saying about a spoiler. Ignore the post or post one of your own. In your posts and comments avoid phrases such as "unlike other/most people" - instead just post the spoiler and your opinions on it.  Don't harsh other people's squee.  Don't call other people bad fans for not being thrilled with something.  "I wish I felt that way" is NOT harshing your squee.  Get over it.

BE WARNED. If there is wank, I will be the FIRST person handing over the screencaps to Journalfen's Fandom Wank.

That's it. Your mod generally operates on the US EST timezone hours. Try not to kill yourselves while I'm at work.


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